My “Summer Body” & a Healthy Approach to the Gym

Since starting this blog, I've had an ongoing series called My Food Mentality, in which I document my journey from unhealthy food patterns and disordered thinking to finally feeling comfortable in my own skin.  However, it has been a while since I gave an update on everything, and I thought I'd explain why... In all honesty, … Continue reading My “Summer Body” & a Healthy Approach to the Gym


Foodie Finds | Rosa Tapas

Today I'm back for another addition to my Foodie Finds series, where I review a foodie place, rating them on: Their story What I ate Stand out features (If any) Likelihood of me returning This time, the culprit is Rosa Tapas Bristol; an international Tapas place on Whiteladies Road in Bristol... Their Story... Rosa Tapas have been around … Continue reading Foodie Finds | Rosa Tapas