The Real Neat Blog Award

I know I did a post like this very recently, but I’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for another blogging award!  This is honestly such an amazing feeling… I didn’t really think my blog was gonna go anywhere and this is my second award nomination within a week, so a massive thank you to the amazing Ellie Pilcher from EllesBelles Bookshelf for the nomination!  Although this is coming to you on a Saturday I actually wrote this last Sunday straight after her nominating me because I read the questions she asked and got very excited to answer them right away!

The rules of this award are pretty simple:

  1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the 7 questions they asked you
  3. Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and let them know
  4. Ask 7 questions for your nominees

So without further ado I’ll get started with Ellie’s questions:

  1. What is your Favourite Disney movie?

If we’re including Pixar my favourite would have to Monsters Inc.  I loved Monsters Inc sooooo much as a child, and after re-watching it (semi) recently I can honestly say that I still do… That movie is an emotional roller-coaster!  My favourite character has always been Sully – I have a massive mug with his face on and I used to have a pair of Sully ears which I was obsessed with, and wore all over the place.

  1. What is your favourite Social Media site?

Okay, I used to hate it, but since I’ve started using it to help with blogging I’d have to say Twitter.  The blogging community on Twitter are the nicest people and I’ve met some amazing friends on there who I can go to with advice and questions.  Twitter chats have become a regular part of my week and I’m really enjoying it!  (Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already at @thoughtsfromjasmine)

  1. Aside from Blogging what other hobbies do you have?

I think I mentioned this in my 20 before 20 post, but I really like songwriting, and I’ve been getting into it a lot more recently.  My main three hobbies all revolve around writing: song-writing, book writing and blog writing so yeah I spend a looooot of time writing.

  1. Describe your perfect day.

I feel like the best days I have involve hanging out with my friends or my family and sitting around and talking about everything under the sun.  Whether that’s on a sofa, or round a dinner table playing cards, or crammed in someones bedroom… With the right people you never run out of things to say.

  1. What Harry Potter house are you?

(Just to clarify, I only know this because I have a few friends who are massive Harry Potter fangirls and I wanted to be part of the quizzing).  I am majority Hufflepuff, the most underrated house in Harry Potter.  So, according to an online quiz that means that I’m generous and kind-hearted (and also a member of the group that no one at Hogwarts seems to care about, which seems pretty fitting to be honest).

  1. Theatre, Film or Television programme?

From favourite to least favourite I’d probably go: theatre, television programme, film.  I have an actual obsession with musical theatre and if I had more money (and more time) I would see as many musicals as I possibly could; there’s nothing quite like live theatre.  My favourite musicals would have to be Memphis, Hairspray and Wicked… Although, unpopular opinion, I actually thought that Shrek The Musical had a nice charm about it…

  1. What does Blogging mean to you?

For me, blogging is a way of taking the tangled thoughts from my mind and untangling them on my computer screen.  I tend to go through periods of extreme anxiety and they’ve calmed down so much since I started blogging.  Being able to eloquently put my thoughts and feelings out here has not only provided me with a new level of confidence, but with a clearer mind.  Things that used to make me upset no have as great an effect, and honestly I’ve been loving the three weeks since I started this blog, and I can’t thank every one of you that’s read or subscribed to it enough.

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers, I actually really enjoyed answering these!  Below are my nominees and the questions they have to answer.

Lots of love,

Jas xx



  1. Em from Lyf With Em
  2. Anna from Annas Adventures
  3. James from Create Your Own Story
  4. Emily from Gifted With Thoughts
  5. Jasmine from JazzyBlogs
  6. Elm from Just Call Me Elm or Something
  7. and Elsie from Elsie L.M.C.


  1. What is your favourite TV Series?
  2. What is your dream job?
  3. If you had to be an item of food which one would you be? (Be creative)
  4. Night in or night out? (and why)
  5. What is your favourite book?
  6. If you had the opportunity to automatically become an expert in a skill of your choice, what skill would you choose?
  7. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

What If… (Inspired by La La Land)

In celebration of finishing my exams yesterday (!!!) I went to go see La La Land and (without spoiling anything) it really got my thinking about life.  The songs were absolutely fantastic, it was beautifully choreographed and the ending personally left me with one resounding message: you don’t want to look back on your life with regret and think “what if”.

Right now I like the direction my life is going in; I’ve got this blog, and Uni, and some amazing friends and I’m really growing as a person and learning how to manage my feelings, but sometimes I forget that time is fleeting and every day we slowly grow older.  My years so far have been a bit of a blur… 13 years ago I was a tiny 6 year old saying “maybe one day I’ll publish a book” and now here I am at 19, still saying the same thing.  La La Land not only left me in awe, wishing I was that talented, but kind of left me with a new lease on life, if you will.

I want to live my life to the fullest so that I can look back on it in 20,30,50 years time and know that I at least attempted everything I wanted to do.  I want to sing more in front of people (which is going to be a struggle, but I’m getting there), I want to try new things, meet new people, make a difference,write a book, put myself out there… I have a countless list of things that will make my life more fulfilling, and nothings gonna be done until I get started by myself.

La La Land also reminded me that in life you never get everything that you want, but you’ll never know what was meant to be until you try.  I’m only 19, I have no idea how my future is going to turn out, but I know that I’m going to work as hard as possible to make it as awesome as I can before it’s too late.

Hope you’re working towards what you want to do too,

Lots of love,

Jas xx




The Blogger Recognition Award

Okay this is really exciting and surprising and ahhh I’m gonna try not to be too gushy, but I got nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award by the amazing Elsie L.M.C.!  She’s absolutely amazing and a wannabe author like me and you should definitely check out her blog if you don’t already.  So, the rules of the award are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. (Done)
  2. Write a post to show your award. (Doing)
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

I started my blog 3 and a half weeks ago on the 23rd December 2016.  I kind of explained this all in the first post I did (which you can find here) but during 2016 I felt really lost and decided I needed to get back to being passionate about something.  My passion has always been writing, so I decided to blog seriously this time (I used to have a blog,  but it was a lot more personal and anonymous and I never really shared it.) So yeah, here I am blogging now and it’s made me a lot happier and more confident so that’s been great.

It’s weird giving advice to new bloggers because I still consider myself a “new blogger”… But I would say firstly that social media is great for getting involved: I’ve made so many blogging friends through Twitter and have learnt so much about blogging from so many people.  My second tip would probably be to write regularly: I’m trying to post at least twice a week, but I’m hopefully going to post more than that.  The more you post, the more you get out there and the more people read and get a sense for who you are.

Okay, so here are the 15 blogs that I think deserve recognition:

  1. Jasmine from JazzyBlogs
  2. Anthea from The Bold and the Bitchy
  3. Em from LyfwithEm
  4. Alicia from AliciaParry
  5. Suzie from SuzieSpeaks
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  8. Emily from TheCornerOffice
  9. Laura from ThePaleGirlBlog
  10. Samantha from ColourMineBeauty
  11. Leigh-Ann and Carys from Beauteagenes
  12. Victoria from VixieBeauty
  13. Rebecca from StaticNova
  14. James from CreateYourOwnStory
  15. And LifeWithKtinnes

Everyone I nominated is fantastic, so give them a little read!

Lots of love,

Jas xx





The Little Things

I’ve always been very bad with self-confidence… being “my own worst enemy” and all.  I never believed anyone sincerely thought good things about me and saw compliments as something that people only really gave out because they had to as friends or family.  However, recently I’ve been working on having a lot more confidence in myself, and believing people has become a lot easier.  In this time I’ve realised how good compliments can actually make you feel, and that it’s the very little things that can make you feel the happiest sometimes.

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve really come into myself a lot more and it’s apparently been noticeable.  I’ve had multiple people I haven’t spoken to in forever messaging me to tell me that they like what I’m doing and honestly it’s been amazing.  I have amazing friends and family that I know will always love me and support me but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that what you’re doing is appreciated.  

I was talking to my friend the other day and out of the blue in the conversation they said “I really appreciate the fact you’re always there for me”.  We’re friends, I obviously knew that they kept me around for a reason, but sometimes it’s just nice to hear it… to reconfirm what you already know.  Everybody gets insecure sometimes, and everybody you love could benefit from a compliment.  It takes less than a minute to open your mouth or open a text message and say “I love you” or “I appreciate the fact you’re there for me”, and the tiny gesture can have a massive impact on someones day.  It’s like throwing a pebble into a river, it will always create a bigger ripple than the pebble itself.

Take a tiny moment every once in a while to improve someones day: remind them that you love them, or give a sad looking person a smile.  It could make a world of difference.

Hope you’re enjoying the little things in life!

Lots of love,

Jas xx




Project 2017 | Focus on You

So I’m writing this from my desk at Uni, because I’m officially back in Bristol and term 2 has kicked off.  It’s currently the first of two exam weeks, but after that (and reading week) it’s back to business as usual…

Last term was a term of a lot of firsts; first time properly living alone, first seminar, first deadline, first time putting a deposit on a house, and so so many more… I couldn’t be more thankful for the wealth of experiences it provided me with, but with so many firsts it was really a term of finding my feet.  I learnt what worked for me: what made me smile, what made me uncomfortable, who I could run to in times of stress and sadness.  Yeah I kept up with my work… but mentally, with so much going on, I wasn’t in the most efficient work mindset.

Every new term I set myself a bunch of unattainable goals and I stress out and hate myself a little when I don’t complete them.  So this year, I’m setting myself one goal Uni-wise, which sort of acts as a root that everything else will branch off of.  This term, I want to take better care of myself.  I’m a very anxious person and it’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in the lives of those around me.  As someone who used to spend a lot of time upset, I spend so much time trying to please others, and to make sure that everybody else is okay that I forget to look after my own mental well-being.  As part of my work to make 2017 an overall more positive year for me (which I explain in my post Project 2017I want to take better care of myself.  

How am I going to do that?  I don’t quite know yet, I’m slowly finding things that are working for me; I’m organising my thoughts on this blog, I’ve been working on liking myself more as a person, and I’ve been spending less time on my phone (plan to give an update on the whole phone free thing at the end of this month).  It’s only been a week or so, but already things that used to stress me out haven’t got to me as much, so I’m hoping it will only be upwards from here.

If you find yourself feeling sad, stressed or anxious, whether it’s all the time or just every once in a while, find a way to deal with it that works for you.  I can’t control my emotions completely, but I am trying to take back as much control as I can.  We often forget how important mental health is, at every stage of our lives, so this year, make more of an effort to focus more on you.

Hope your 2017 is filled with more joy!

Lots of love,

Jas xx




The Identity Tag!

This is my first normal post I guess… I mean all my previous posts were either part of the 12 Days of Blogging or introducing you to my blog, so I figured I’d kick it off by telling you all about me with the Identity Tag!  I saw this originally on Elm’s Blog (which is brilliant, you should totally subscribe) and thought it looked pretty cool, plus you’d get more of a sense of me.  Some of you may know me, some of you may not know me at all, but you’ll all know me a little better after this so hold on:

1. If they made a song about your life, what genre would it be?

I am obsessed with musical theatre, So I like to think that it would be a musical number, much like the ones in Crazy Ex Girlfriend (great show, you should check it out it’s on Netflix).  Based on what I’m like, it would either be one of those slow emotional ones about building yourself back up again, or one of those quirky musical numbers celebrating a protagonist’s awkwardness.  Okay, knowing me it would definitely be the latter because woooooow I can be awkward sometimes…

2. What is your sole purpose in life?

I like to think I’m not bound to a sole purpose, and that I have many options open for me, because honestly, one purpose seems like a lot of pressure.  I guess I want to make a difference some day, whether that is on a wide scale (which would be pretty awesome) or on a small scale.  If I can help just one person’s life immensely I will feel like I’ve lived up to a purpose.

3. What do you regret doing?

I have made sooooo many mistakes in my life and had a ridiculous amount of embarrassing moments, but I can wholeheartedly say that I have no regrets.  Everything that I’ve done so far in my life has lead me to who I am today, and right now I’m quite liking who I am, so I’m thankful for it all.

4. What are your strengths?

(I haven’t been recently) but I am incredibly ambitious – once I set my sites on something I work as hard as I possibly can to get it.  With that ambition comes a lot of tenacity; during my school life I had a lot of set backs and changes but I fought my way through and now I’m at Uni, still fighting.  Won’t lie, I’m a little proud of myself for it.

5. What are your weaknesses?

I am ridiculously hard on myself; I’m my own worst enemy and it’s sooooo bad for my self confidence.  I’m so ready to tear myself down 24/7 and it’s a horrible trait to have.  However, I’m working really hard on changing it this year, as part of my attempt to make 2017 way more positive :).

6. What’s one thing that not many people know about you?

Urm…. Well it used to be the whole writing thing but I’m putting myself out there a lot more now, so it can’t really be that.  I can recite the alphabet backwards? That’s not something I really share?

7. What has been the best decision of your life?

I feel like saying “this blog” is too typical of an answer, even though recently this has made me so much happier… so I guess I’d have to say continuing with English Literature.  I wrote about my journey and what it meant to me in my previous post about how things work out.  Continuing English Literature, even in my darkest days, has really pushed me to find my passion now, so I could not be more thankful for it.

8. What are you afraid of and why?

I am deeply afraid of death.  Not because of the fact I won’t exist (okay, partly because of the fact I won’t exist), but because I’m so scared of being forgotten.  Like yeah, I’ll exist in memories but pretty soon people forget things and will forget me and that absolutely terrifies me.  I used to let this fear freak me out and stop me from doing things, but now I make it motivate me: if I’ve only got one life to live, better do what I can while I’m here and make an impression. 

9. Where are you going in life?

Who knows!  I think that’s what’s so special about life… nothing’s written in stone; you partly choose your path and your path partly chooses you.  I’d like to think it will have something to do with writing, and I’d also like to get better at controlling this whole anxiety thing, but honestly, I’m ready to just see where life takes me.

Okay, this was pretty fun!  If you’ve stuck along til the end, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about me.  Now time to tag 5 bloggers that I’ve really been loving, I choose:






Hope you guys enjoy doing it, and that the rest of you enjoyed reading it!

Lots of love,

Jas xx





12 Days of Blogging – Day 12: How Things Work Out

So this is my final day of the 12 days of blogging, and I’ve actually really enjoyed the whole experience!  When I first started I was convinced I’d miss at least one day, but I’m impressed with how much I’ve stuck to this.  In fact, I think blogging consistently for 12 days has really helped with reigniting my passion for writing.

I was talking to my mum about how I’m back to writing and it made me realise that I’ve come full circle.  I went through a really rocky patch at about 14; I changed schools 3 times in one year, I was starting GCSE’s after spending 5 months out of education and I was very behind.  I lost all love I had ever had for writing and English and if you had told me I would be studying English Lit at Uni whilst maintaining an internet blog I would have laughed in your face.  I was convinced that after GCSE I was never going to go near English Literature again… and then my mum forced me to take it for an AS Level as she was convinced it was my passion.  Not going to lie, I was a little mad about it at the time, but it was probably one of the best things she could have done for me.

Things that you’re passionate, truly passionate about, have a really funny way of coming back to you.  It got to AS English and I still hated it – couldn’t wait to drop it for A2… and then it was my highest mark.  It got to A2, and this time I knew it was over for good; I’d picked French and Philosophy to study at Uni and I was never going to do English Lit again after school ended.  And then it got to results day, I going to study French and Philosophy, and I realised that it really wasn’t what I wanted to do… English had to be in there somewhere.  I spent four years pushing away something that I’d centred my life around for the previous 8 years, and it didn’t work.

Here I am, studying English and enjoying writing and I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at at the moment.  If anything, the whole thing has taught me that sometimes you need to stop pushing things away and let them embrace you.  I put up a fight, but at the end of the day, my raw passion was strong enough to win.  It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these 12 days and I haven’t bothered you too much!  Planning to blog twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays after this,

Lots of love,

Jas xx





12 Days of Blogging – Day 11: 20 Before 20

I’m turning 20 this year.  I mean, it’s only January and my birthday isn’t until September, but it’s still weird to think about.  I feel like 20 is the age you finally must accept the fact that you’re a (young) adult, but I don’t feel anywhere near the age of “adulthood”.  Typically, adults are seen to have their life together and a sense of direction… to say I had either of those right now would be pushing it a little if I’m being honest.  Therefore, I thought that before I reach this next decade, I would give myself some direction… Below are 20 things I want to do before I turn 20.  This is going to be a series on my blog called 20 before 20, in which I’ll write about every time I complete one of these and how it’s helped me:


  1. Reach 70 subscribers on this blog… Yeah it may seem a little ambitious but I figured hey that’s what goals are for! If by September I have 70 people regularly reading my words, I’ll be more than happy.
  2. Do a collab with another blogger… Based on the number of other blogs I’ve read, it feels like you’re not a proper part of this community until you’ve collaborated with another blogger. It would be nice to make some “blogging friends” and give this a go, so if anyone’s up for this send me a message 
  3. Guest write on another blog… I like challenging myself, and giving myself different platforms/ tailored topics to write about, so it would be great to be able to write on another blog and see how that goes.
  4. Do something worthwhile that helps someone with this blog… I want to be able to make a difference in some way… Haven’t figured out how yet, but I’ll get there.


  1. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day… I’m actually pretty good when it comes to drinking water, it’s actually my usual drink of choice, but I want to make an effort to drink it more regularly and see if it really helps with skin and hair.
  2. Go to the gym at least twice a week… Again, I already go to the gym, but it’s very irregular: some weeks I’ll go five times and some weeks I won’t go at all. In an effort to get fitter in 2017 (not necessarily lose weight, but be healthier) I want to make this more regular.
  3. Have at least one piece of fruit or veg with every meal… I feel like all these health things are very repetitive… I eat quite a bit of fruit and veg, but I want to make it more regular as part of an effort to generally be healthier this year.


  1. Get back to enjoying learning… Although my first term at Uni has been fun, I haven’t exactly loved my topics and I feel like I’ve been working for the sake of working. This term I have more of my optional units and less of the compulsory ones, so now is the time to get back to actually loving the knowledge I’m acquiring. 
  2. Read 10 books for fun… I am an English Student. I read all the time.  However, with reading being such a large part of my degree, the fun of it is lost.  My goal is to have read 10 books that I actually want to read by September (Please send me book suggestions, I don’t even know where to start).
  3. Read ahead for my courses… I’m organised to the point where I get my work done on time, but I want to push that further. This year I want to buy into the myth that is “pre-reading” and see if it helps me as I’m not the quickest learner. 
  4. Be on top of revision… I always have the same pattern – start the year off well and take notes as I go, then 2 weeks in I stop with that and cram just before my exams. This year, I want to try and get it right.


  1. Have a concrete night routine… I’m pretty good with skincare… when I remember. By September I will have enforced a skincare routine before bed to the point where it becomes a habit.  This year I’m really going to look after my skin.
  2. Wear skirts/dresses more… I love skirts and dresses and I always feel more put together in them, but it’s so easy to revert to jeans and T-shirts because I feel like I don’t have the time for skirts. By 20 I will be better at outfit planning.
  3. Find my style… This is something I’ve been working on for the past couple years, and I plan to continue. I’m slowly finding my style and what works for me, but I want to be sure of this by 20.


  1. Sing more (maybe even publicly?)… I love singing, but I also have bad stage fright and little self-confidence. However, I am slowly growing in confidence, so I want to make more of this while I can.
  2. Get back to song writing… This was something that used to soothe me a lot, and I’ve been watching a lot of youtubers who sing original songs recently (really loving Dodie at the moment) so I’ve been pretty inspired to get back to it.
  3. Start writing a book… I think I mentioned in my first post on this site that from the age of 6 to about 13/14 my dream was to be an author. I used to write all the time, and I really miss it.  I’ll tell you how far I get by September.
  4. Visit winter wonderland… I live in London, it shouldn’t be that hard! But I love Christmas and I’ve never been and every year I say it will be the year.  With a September birthday I technically can’t do it before I turn 20, but I plan to do it as soon as I can afterwards.
  5. Visit a country I’ve never been to before… I love travelling, and I used to travel everywhere when I was younger, but recently with more commitments and less money it hasn’t been as easy. By September I hope to have been to a country I’ve never visited.
  6. See 2 more musicals… I’m a bit of a musical junky, I’ve seen quite a few in theatre (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, Hairspray, Wicked like 3 times, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, The Bodyguard, Memphis, and so so many more) but this year I want to add to the collection, so the goal is 2 more before I turn 20.

Sorry, this was a little longer than my other entries, but I feel like 20 is quite a bit of a milestone, being the end of my second decade of life and all.  As I said, I’m going to turn this into a 20 Before 20 series, and will post every time I complete one.  Let’s see if I can get all 20 (technically 19 because of Winter Wonderland) by September!

Wish me luck!

Lots of love,

 Jas xx




12 Days of Blogging – Day 10: Stories

So I’ve been blogging daily for 10 days in a row now… For me that’s pretty impressive and it’s actually gotten me into the spirit of writing.  It’s been a long time since I’ve regularly processed my thoughts in written form like this and I have to say it’s been pretty therapeutic.  It’s got me thinking that maybe I should start writing a diary and documenting my life.

When you really think about it, we all have this amazing story from birth to the present.  Even if we see our lives as “boring” or “mundane” we have a series of anecdotes and events and funny moments that have shaped us into who we are at this moment in time.  I mean, we read books about fictional lives – from crazy adventures to romantic endeavours and we oooh and ahhh and wish we had something that cool… but we do.  If you could read a book of your life so far I’m sure it would be packed full of twists and turns and a multitude of emotions, and that’s pretty cool.

The other day I was watching a TV show and one of the characters said:

“If, when I die, my life flashes before my eyes, I better give myself one hell of a show.”

and it really stuck with me.  A lot of the time when we look at books and TV shows and movies we wish that our lives were as eventful as the protagonists, but honestly sometimes we take our past experiences for granted.  We all have this amazingly unique series of events behind us and (hopefully) many many more to come.  To an extent, we have a little bit of control over how our story goes, and one day we’ll be looking back on it reminiscing over what a story it was.  It’s funny how life works out.

Think about your story so far,

Lots of love,

Jas xx

Ps. Ive had quite a few questions about how to follow if you’re not a blogger, so I just synced my blog with the app Bloglovin’! Download the app and you can follow me and like and comment without making a blogging account, you can just sync it to your Facebook 🙂




12 Days of Blogging – Day 9: Loving Ourselves

I have always been really bad at accepting compliments.  Whenever people tell me something good about myself my instinct is always to disagree and shoot myself down.  I think it started as an effort to be humble… Usually when people openly love themselves they’re ridiculed for being arrogant and self-centred, so I’ve never wanted to be that kind of person.  However, on thinking about it recently it’s really been annoying me because there’s a difference between arrogance and self-love.  

Nowadays if I were to say to people “I’m really loving my hair today” at least someone would provide a reason as to why what I said was wrong and overconfident, whether they do it to my face or behind my back.  We live in a world where we’re so ready to shoot each other down; girls call other girls “sluts” and “bitches”, we gossip and judge like crazy, there is no happy medium for how to act.  If I disagree with your compliment I’m “insecure and should love myself more”, but if I agree I’m “arrogant and love myself too much and should know that I’m not perfect”.

However, the biggest problem isn’t even other people, it’s ourselves.  I’ve been disagreeing with compliments so long that I’ve started to believe that I don’t deserve them.  Someone will tell me my face is clear and I’ll immediately mention the spot forming on my cheek; someone will tell me I suit my glasses and I’ll mumble about how they make me look geeky.  I feel like overtime I’ve been socially conditioned to believe that I don’t deserve to be complimented.  But I do.  We all do.  We should all learn to love ourselves a little better, and to let other people love themselves too.  Yes, arrogance is really annoying… but it is not the same as appreciating yourself for who you are.

I’ll start off the compliments… You’re all amazing for reading this

Lot’s of love,

Jas xx


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