I’m Not Good Enough

One of my best and worst traits is my constant need to better myself.  I work as hard as I can in everything I do, I like challenges and pushing myself further and finding new avenues to attempt to excel at… I keep wanting to do more, to be more than I am, and whilst this can be an incredibly positive trait, it’s also quite damaging at times.

I am surrounded by incredible people doing incredible things; I see bloggers and online personalities flourishing whilst helping charities and starting movements, and I see friends of mine bagging impressive internships and dream jobs and getting the highest grades possible.  I don’t experience jealousy anymore… I’m probably the biggest hype girl you’ll ever meet, whether I know the person personally or not, and yet, I can’t help but feel a little discontent with my own progress from time to time.

I know that I’m doing more than the bare minimum, but yet every so often I still feel like I’m not good enough.  I haven’t made a massive impact, I haven’t helped anyone, and yes, I have this space on the internet that has grown more than I could ever imagine, but I still don’t feel like I’m doing enough with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so unbelievably grateful for the progress that I’ve made since I started my blog… My all time goal was to have 100 followers and yet here I am with 3800!  It’s insane and to think that I built this myself and stuck with it, and I’m so proud of myself, but there’s this tiny voice in my head that tells me that I still haven’t done anything worthwhile.  

I review things, I spread my thoughts, opinions and try and encourage discussion, but sometimes it feels like I’m not doing anything of meaning.  There are so many people out there doing things that could change the world someday, and though I’m so incredibly proud of them, it makes me feel inadequate sometimes.  Will this ever be enough?

The good thing is, I can recognise that these thoughts are both destructive, and more importantly, temporary.  Yes, sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough, but other times I’m ridiculously proud of what I’ve achieved in the last year and a third.  These amazing individuals shouldn’t make me feel bad, but rather should contribute to the fuel for my motivation.  And so, most of the time that is what I make them.  I’m aware of my journey, and I’m aware that I’m nowhere near the end of it yet, but whether I’m satisfied with where I am or not, the truth is I got somewhere, and that is pretty impressive.

Wanting to improve is nothing to be ashamed of, but you also need to be able to look at the progress that you’ve made and appreciate your growth.  Therefore, that is what I’m focusing on at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed this, it’s something that’s been stuck in my head for a while and needed to be verbalised.  As always, let me know what you think in the comments.

Lots of love,

Jas xx



39 thoughts on “I’m Not Good Enough

  1. rachaelstray says:

    It’s reallt difficult to try to not compare yourself to others. A good thing to remember is that people tend to only share the good stuff on social media and embellish in some people’s cases. Not everything is as perfect as it may seem. And girl you are more than good enough. You do amazing things.

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  2. gemmaorton says:

    It’s a great thing to want to better yourself, and using others achievements as motivation is brilliant. Never doubt or belittle your own progress though. It’s great to look back and see how far you’ve come. I get this doubt too, ‘am I doing anything of importance’. But if you’re doing things that make you content and inspire a few others I think that’s a great start!

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  3. notebooksandglasses says:

    I have had thoughts, and it can be so disheartening at times. But you should be proud of what you’ve achieved and not compare your life or achievements with others. I’ve just finished reading a book by Mateo Tabatabi called The Mind-Made Prison and it’s made me start to think differently about things. It’s mainly about beliefs and how these are in-built in our brains and they control us without us even realising.

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  4. Judy E Martin says:

    It is all too easy to compare ourselves to others, Jas and feel that we have not done enough, I know I occasionally get like that too. However, it is so much better to focus on what a fantastic achievement you have on your blog. Look at all those followers you have earned and, how far you have come. There is always room for improvement of course, as with everything, but there is no rush. Take a little time to enjoy the good progress that you have made rather than focus on the things that you feel you haven’t done. After all, it is you that is setting those expectations for yourself! 🙂

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  5. Annaleid Bakker says:

    This sounds so familiar to me! I often have the same feeling that I’m not doing enough, while I’m already doing a lot! I love your advice to just appreciate your growth and also open your eye for everything around you. When I’m stuck in these kind of thoughts I always notice that I’m not aware of what’s happening around me. So when I focus more on the things around me instead of myself (and my negative thoughts) that really helps!
    xoxo Annaleid

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  6. Debbie Harris says:

    You’re right when you say these thoughts are temporary, it happens to everyone from time to time. You are good enough, you have made a great blog and have people reading and interacting and you’re right to be proud of those achievements. Banish those pesky thoughts if you can and keep moving forward.

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  7. awkward brown guy says:

    “I don’t experience jealousy anymore…yet, I can’t help but feel a little discontent with my own progress from time to time.” So relatable. We’re constantly exposed to people who look like they’re doing more, have more, are better than us. I’m trying to “run my own race”, and just be pleased with my teeny-tiny action week by week. Oh – and enjoy the process itself!

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  8. CherishingFLo says:

    I can relate. I have a constant need to be better than yesterday’s me and to be out here making big moves. I get really discontent with where I am often but I also bounce back and continue to be proud of my progress! Your blog helps me. I know that much! It inspires me and gives me a lot of new ideas and perspectives! Love your stuff!

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  9. Melina Elisa says:

    I relate to this so so so much. I don’t get jealousy anymore either (thank god, jealousy is such an ugly emotion), but like you said, you feel so sub-par when compared to so many fellow gals that are absolutely killing it. I feel like I’m not good enough most of the time. I feel like I haven’t made a huge impact in any way. I’m making small changes in my life in order to impact others, so I hope I’ll feel a little more accomplished! and girllll, you should be soo proud of yourself! You are becoming more and more of an influencer every single day. Keep doing you. Just know, no matter what, you are enough xx

    Melina | melinaelisa.com

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    • thoughtsfromjasmine says:

      This is such a lovely comment Melina, thank you! I am trying so hard to get out of my head, but it’s a bit hard right now and your kind words honestly mean so much, you’re such a lovely supportive person! You are also doing amazing things and any small changes are good changes 🙂 We’re both amazing, and we need to get better at seeing it!
      Jas xx

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  10. Dolce Speaks says:

    What I liked most about your post was that you were able to honest with yourself. That’s really important when you are trying to go higher in life.
    I was this way for basically all my life. I just RECENTLY started removing that pressure from my back by just being gentle with myself and my growth. I know that I am capable and I also know that it will not happen overnight which is why I had to let go. Ultimately making me feel like what I was doing WASN’T enough when really I was right on track.
    You just need to be patient and stop comparing your growth or goals to anyone else because this is your journey. Continue being gentle and patient with yourself and in the end you will feel so much better !
    It’s almost like driving through traffic at 100 mph going in and out of lanes and then suddenly riding in cruise control.
    Cruise through it, don’t speed 🤗
    Best of luck to you💕

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    • thoughtsfromjasmine says:

      This is such a lovely comment, thank you so much. You’re right, I probably am just right on track, it’s just so hard not to want to fast forward to when everything is great. I’m going to try and get better at cruising.
      Jas xx


  11. The diary of Ellie says:

    This is such a relatable post and i just hope you’re doing okay but oyu have to remember you are doing enough and negative thoughts hopefully should pass!

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  12. Mary Kate says:

    This is so relatable and something I really struggle with, too! It’s actually very comforting to read your post and know that so many other people feel the same way.
    I’m glad that you are staying positive and that these thoughts are only temporary. Blogging is definitely a worthwhile thing to do and your success and growth are amazing! Clearly, a lot of people enjoy your content and your words have a far reach. You ARE good enough!

    Love, Mary Kate | http://hellomissmarie.com

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  13. Marie Simeon says:

    I definitely feel like this all the time. I just turnt 19 and I see other 19 year olds that have apartments and cars and good jobs. It just makes me think “what am I doing wrong?” or “why am I not at that point yet?”. We live in a society where social media makes you think that you’re suppose to be doing this and that when you’re a certain age. And if you’re not then you’re a failure. But I’ve told myself not to think like that and everything comes with time and that I can’t keep comparing my life to others because I will get no where from doing that.

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