The “Instagram Blogger”

I’ve mentioned countless times that when I was blogging I was completely clueless about the whole ordeal.  I didn’t know that bloggers were being paid for things, I didn’t realise that blogging took off in the same way that YouTube did… I simply saw a website where I could write, because writing has been the passion that I stuck through with.

I remember chatting with a bunch of bloggers on Twitter one night, and everyone was swapping blog links and following each other on Twitter, and I got really excited to be a part of this welcoming community.  Then, next thing I know, people were asking for Instagram handles, complaining about the algorithm and talking about how they were trying to grow.  I was completely confused… How did Instagram have anything to do with blogging?  Maybe they were just trying to get to know each other better?  Still confused, I gave a couple of people my personal Instagram handle, but I still had no idea what it had to do with blog promotion… Until I started following bloggers back.

Blogging appears to take on a new, heightened form through Instagram.  Everything is bright, with white and marble backgrounds, and incredibly talented shots of makeup products… People keep to tight themes, and have outfit photos in front of beautiful houses.  Everything focused around the aesthetic, everything was perfect and nothing was out of place, and I had absolutely no idea how I was ever going to be at that level.  A year and a third later, here I am with my own blogging Instagram account, with more photos of myself on it than I’ve ever taken previously to this year.  I’m always looking for new content, places to take it, outfits to where, and so on, to keep this endless stream of photos continue.  Though I don’t have a theme, because I don’t think that they work for me, I still work hard to make sure that my photos look somewhat cohesive.  I’ve never cared this much about Instagram in my life, and yet I’m still nowhere near the level of your typical “Instagram Blogger”.

It amazes me how people are able to make a whole career out of the photos that they post to an app and the photos that they’re wearing and though I admire their hustle, I know at the same time that that will never be me.  I touched on this a little bit in my post about how I’ve accepted I’ll never be the tall, skinny blonde girl with thousands of likes, but essentially, it goes deeper than that.  I have grown to love taking photos of both me and my friends, I like posting them and I do like making sure my feed is updated, because it’s another outlet that drives traffic to my blog, plus it’s a lot of fun.  However, I’m not exactly a model, I have nothing particularly special to add when it comes to looks (note: that doesn’t mean I think I’m ugly, I know that I’m not ugly), and, ultimately, words will always be my weapon of choice.  I’m a writer.  Always have.  Always will be.  Even with Instagram I find myself editing down my captions and making sure they’re not too rambly.  I remind myself that the photos are meant to be the focus, but, to me, the words will forever mean more.   

I love my blogging Instagram; it’s a way to show a different side of me, provide more frequent life updates, and create a different kind of content (It should be clear by now that I like to do a lot of things at once).  However, will I ever consider myself an “Instagrammer” primarily?  Probably not.  It makes sense for people that are primarily beauty, fashion, or travel, but I like to talk.  A lot.  And writing is my way to do that, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post!  As I see my Instagram growing I wanted to touch on my feelings towards Instagram and blogging.  What are your own thoughts?  I’d love to know,

Lots of love,

Jas xx



16 thoughts on “The “Instagram Blogger”

  1. shaunkellett says:

    I think the absolute utmost important thing when it comes to blogging, is staying true to yourself; nothing else in the world will shine through better than truth. It’s great that you’ve realised where, not only your strengths, but your interests lie. There’s nothing wrong with feeling your passion is in writing. On the other hand though, it’s great you’ve been able to utilise Instagram for your own needs and your own strengths; you still drive traffic but you do so being true to you. Well done 🙂 Keep going!

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  2. Melina Elisa says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I mean I love Instagram. Because of blogging I’ve been a more critical instagrammer, but I don’t really have the hustle to be able to make that my main form of income. I love it as a way to bring more people to my blog. My blog is my thing. My favorite Instagram, are the ones with large captions. With thoughtful captions. You wrote this so beautifully, and it echos every thought I have. Great job Jasmine xxx

    Melina |

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  3. CherishingFLo says:

    My instagram is my personal Instagram that I use to connect with other bloggers. I struggle with it because I don’t take pictures of myself often. I don’t get dressed up often. And I don’t have any friends where I am to take pictures of me. I had been comparing my instagram to other blogger instagrams and I realize I’ll probably never be the type to have a theme and do my thing there either but I do genuinely enjoy interacting with everyone on Instagram. Commenting on photos. But my passion is in writing. And I didn’t know blogging could create income either! So you’re not alone. I have been learning as I go. I haven’t been blogging a year yet but I’ve definitely learned a lot!

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  4. josypheen says:

    It’s very cool that you have managed to get instagram to drive traffic to your blog! I don’t really use intsa for blogging, but I have heard from quite a few bloggers that instagram isn’t that good for blog traffic unless you have a massive following – so you must be doing something right!! 🙂


  5. Ritu says:

    I love my Insta but it’s more for connecting with others than promoting my blog… when I find that clone machine I’ll set my copy up to go to work and I’ll learn more about how social media can help my blog lol!!!


  6. Emmalene aka A Brummie Home and Abroad says:

    I love browsing Instagram, particularly stories because I love the window into someone’s personality, but I don’t really feel that it drives any traffic blogwards. I almost treat it as a separate entity with a separate set of followers. I certainly don’t have the motivation or patience to curate a theme!


  7. fancypaperblog says:

    I haven’t joined the Instagram trend yet but have seen how it is part of a type of blogging. It seems to cause a lot of division- I hear people getting very irritated about certain Instagrammers they follow as they think they are pushing a false lifestyle. I am on the Instagram fence!


  8. Donna O says:

    Great post.
    I love using Instagram and I wouldn’t say I had a theme – certainly not one with flat lays! But I like the fact that mine is literally a collection of places, people, things that mean something to me. I guess that’s more my theme in a way!
    Just being yourself is 👌🏻 and sometimes that’s easy to forget when all you see is social media “perfection”.

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