The 90’s Tag!

Okay I’m probably gonna anger a lot of people by referring to myself as a “90’s kid” because I was born in 1997 and some view that as “too close to the end” but I feel like anyone that was born in the 90’s relates to the same sort of childhood phenomenons and I was pretty excited for this tag because I’m a sucker for nostalgia so I’m going to do it anyway… Thanks to Hailey Jade Ryan for tagging me in this, you can check out her entry here.

1… Favourite Disney Film

That’s a hard one, because although I have seen most Disney films I don’t actually remember a lot of them from childhood… (I’m pretty sure I saw Lion King for the first time when I got to Uni…).  I would like to say Aladdin because my name is Jasmine so I relate on a close personal level with the princess (obviously) but I think it would have to be Beauty and the Beast.  I watched it again a couple years ago and wow that movie is way more emotional than I remember it!

2… Favourite Music Artist

Okay so as a child loved the Black Eyed Peas.  I had the album Elephunk (which featured Where is the Love, Shut Up, Hey Mama and Let’s Get Retarded, amongst others) and used to play it non-stop on this little CD player I had in my room and dance around to it like crazy.  I knew all the words to Shut Up (Did I know what any of it meant?  Not at all) and Where is the Love still holds a special place in my heart to this day.

3… Favourite Sweets

Unpopular Opinion: I’m not actually a fan of sweets, never have been.  However, I’ve always had a sweet spot for Maoams.

4… Favourite Game

Frustration was hands down my favourite board game as a child.  If you have never played it, I strongly recommend it, and if you have played it, isn’t it just the best?!  I used to sit around and play it with my mum and dad (and later on my sister when she came into the picture) and woooow that game has the ability to rile people up.  Think Monopoly destroys friendships?  Give Frustration a go.  I dare you.

5… Favourite McDonalds “Happy Meal” Toy

Does anyone else remember back in the day (Wow I sound so old) when McDonalds used to release high quality, useable toys?  The three that stand out in my head are the time when they released those little plastic music players that played one current pop song, those Sonic handhelds that would play one basic video game centring around a different Sonic character, and when they had the dog collection and were releasing tiny dog teddies.  Those are 3 toys that I remember actually making an effort trying to collect, which in my opinion, is the mark of a good toy.

6… Favourite Book?

I used to read so much as a child… I’d go through multiple really thick books a week (What happened to me?).  I can’t remember a favourite book in particular, but Jacqueline Wilson was definitely my favourite author.  I used to want to be her, she was my idol for such a long time and I read everything that she did.  I think the book “Best Friends” stands out for me the most, mainly because as I read it, my best friend was in the process of moving to Scotland which happens to be the exact plot of the book, so that was a weird relatable coincidence.

7… Favourite Clothing Store?

I really didn’t care about what I wore until I was like 12… So I don’t really have a favourite 90’s clothing store.

8… Favourite TV Show?

This is so hard because I watched a lot of TV growing up (nothing’s changed here…).  I was such a Nickelodeon Junkie and I loved almost everything that they did and picking a favourite is so hard.  However there is a Nickelodeon specific question at the end of this Tag (Stay tuned) so I’m gonna switch it up and go for something different.  I think as a child my favourite non-Nickelodeon show was Recess, which was partly because let’s face it Recess was awesome, and partly because I used to wake up naturally early (Again, nothing’s changed here) and Recess used to air on Disney Channel at like 6am.

9… What Show Would You Watch After School?

It’s really random but one that really stands out in my mind is Brandy and Mr Whiskers… If I remember correctly it was a Disney Channel cartoon about an upper class snooty dog and a lower-class bunny who both got stranded in a rainforest and had to learn how to live together.  If you remember this show, leave me a little note in the comments, just so I know that it wasn’t just some elaborate fever dream that I had…

10… Did You Own a Virtual Pet (Cyperpet, Tamagotchi, etc.)

Yes!  I had a violet coloured Tamagotchi and I treasured it like it was my child.  However, that being said… I used to reset it whenever it got fully grown because I only liked the way it looked when it was all tiny… Clearly I would have been a bad parent at the age of 7…

11… Favourite Video Game and System to Play on?

I personally didn’t own a console But me and my dad used to play against eachother in Dead or Alive (a fighting game) on his Playstation.  Ahhh I used to really love that.

12… Weirdest Fashion Trend?

As much as I hate to admit it, I used to be a Crocs wearer… but in my defence literally everyone in my primary school was wearing them so clearly I was not the weird one I was just easily influenced by fashion trends!

13… Favourite Toy?

Barbies.  Hands down.  I think they helped a lot with my whole story writing thing because playing with Barbies was the initial way in which I expressed the stories that I imagined in my head.  When my sister started getting into them and when we shared a room, it was the main thing that we did when we hung out together, so yeah, they were a big part of my life.

14… Favourite Nickelodeon Show?

Aaaand here is the question that I mentioned earlier.  Again, as I mentioned it is incredibly hard for me to pick just one, because I literally lived on Nickelodeon.  However, I was so into Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and What I like About you (which, in my opinion, died before it’s time and was the best example of old school Amanda Bynes), and I used to watch Kenan and Kel with my dad, when I was reaaally young.  So young in fact, that I don’t really remember much about it apart from Kel’s obsession with orange soda and the fact that Coolio was in the title sequence… I think?

And there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed my answers and they brought back the same kind of Nostalgia for you that it did for me writing it.  Comment below if you recognised anything that I spoke about!  As for who I’m tagging… I don’t really know the ages of all my favourite Bloggers so I tag any 90’s babies who are reading this! If you decide to do this tag, tell me as I’d love to read your answers!

Lots of love,

Jas xx



12 thoughts on “The 90’s Tag!

  1. Elsie L.M.C says:

    Nearly everything you have said in this post sounds like my sister when we were younger 😂 we were born in the last half of the 90s too. she loved the black eyed peas but killed all of her tamogotchi 😂 I used to like watching recess too! Great post! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Natasha says:

    Oh I miss my Tamagotchi so much, they were so much fun and cute too! And I think you can safely call yourself a 90’s Kid as it’s 1997, you’re still within the remit! 😀 I was born in 1990 so this tag brought back lots of memories. Jacqueline Wilson was my favourite author growing up too, I used to love just spending hours re-reading her books. – Tasha

    Liked by 1 person

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