The Play That Goes Wrong…

I’m back today with another theatre review, but quite surprisingly, this one actually isn’t a musical.  I’ve been curious about Mischief theatre company for a while and their productions have kept popping up and catching my eye.  Therefore, when Bristol Hippodrome invited me to their press night* I knew that I had to, and I am so glad that I saw it.

The Play that Goes Wrong is exactly what it claims to be, focusing on a theatre group that are putting on a murder mystery that goes hilariously wrong.  We watch through (Purposefully) terrible acting, characters getting knocked out and replaced mid-scene, the set falling apart, the lighting and music going wrong, and yet, through all of the above they push on regardless.  It was quite similar to a pantomime in the sense that the audience are able to interact and there’s a high level of slapstick comedy.  However, it appears to embody a pantomime with less of a cheesey nature.

I’m not the biggest fan of live comedies, but I loved this, inside and out.  There was something about the typically British nature of the jokes, and the way that the cast were able to play on the metatheatricality of it all that really made this something special and unique.  All the way through the production, I couldn’t help but think about the immense talent and planning that it would take to put on a production like this.  Yes, everything has to “go wrong”, but it should all be going wrong at specific times, and ensure that the actors remain safe on stage.  In some ways, the play that goes wrong only functions correctly if everything goes exactly to plan, and I admired that, a lot.

There were so many levels to this production and at the same time it was easy to enjoy as a simple lighthearted comedy.  Highlights, for me, included the chaos that ensued at the end, the moments involving Robert having to ensure the phone in spite of the set falling apart, and every scene that involved Trevor the sound engineer.  I honestly cannot sing the praises of The Play that Goes Wrong enough.  I am completely in awe of Mischief Theatre Company  and want to see everything that they do (I’ve already sorted out when I’m going to see the touring production of The Comedy About a Bank Robbery – one of their other works).  

I get a program whenever I go to a piece of theatre because I collect programs.  However, this is the first time I genuinely am telling you to go pick up a programThe program retains the same level of metatheatricality, providing it’s own entertainment and procing that this play just keeps on giving, even after it’s over.  If you have the chance to see it, please do!  It’s showing in the West End regularly, touring in Bristol until Saturday 21st July 2018, and then the tour continues to make its way around the UK!  You can check the dates out here.

If you can get a ticket, I strongly recommend.  I may not be the biggest fan of live comedy, but the Play That Goes Wrong definitely went right in my books.

Have you seen it?  Are you planning to?  Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jas xx




*DISCLAIMER* This review is not sponsored, but I was given a complimentary ticket to see this show.  However, that does not affect the integrity of my review.  All my thoughts and opinions are my own and I always work to keep my reviews genuine and honest.

27 thoughts on “The Play That Goes Wrong…

  1. blacktulipbeauty says:

    Aww my other half absolutely loves British comedy so I think he’d be really into this! Not to mention he’s been wanting to see something at a theatre forever so I’m kind of tempted to try and get some last minute tickets for us now. So glad you had a good time and found something new to enjoy!
    Alice Xx

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  2. El says:

    This play sounds so good 🙂 I have never gone to see a live play before but I’m super glad that you had lots of fun. I’m surely going to plan a trip to one sometime ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ktkinnes says:

    This sounds INCREDIBLE! Definitely right up my street. I’m not sure if there’s anything similar on near me, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it now! There was a show on TV at Christmas with a similar theme, based on A Christmas Carol and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Great post!

    Katie | Life With Ktkinnes

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  4. SImplyStacey says:

    THIS PLAY IS HILARIOUS! I done a review on my blog last month as we saw it in Swindon and I was surprised how much we enjoyed the play. I wouldn’t have booked to be honest at first and was given tickets, but we loved it so much it has opened our thoughts to see things we wouldn’t normally see and also my husband booked to go again a few days later with our daughter

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  5. Emsi Rose says:

    Sounds absolutely incredible!! Have you seen Peter Pan Goes Wrong and A Christmas Carol Gone Wrong? They were on TV around Christmas and followed a similar concept, I would love to see something similar pulled off live xx

    Liked by 1 person

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