A Day in Chefchaouen: What (not) to Do

After the surprising amount of page views on my What (not) to do in Chicago post, I felt that I should continue the tradition whenever I go abroad.

As you may know, if you have paid attention to any of my social media or my Youtube channel, I recently went on a road trip to Morocco with a few of my friends.  I love to travel and I tend to be quite an explorer, but this time we were at an advantage, because one of my friends is a native Moroccanand she was able to plan an amazing road trip with her expertise.  Therefore, this is kicking off a variety of posts, each honing in on a different city we went to… stay tuned!

Though you may not recognise the name Chefchaouen, odds are you’ve probably seen it in an Instagram pic or two, because damn, it may be the most photogenic place I’ve seen.  It’s nickname “the blue city” pretty much sums it up… Everything is blue: walls, floors, doors, stairs, you name it and trust me, it makes for some pretty amazing insta pics.  However, if you don’t fancy spending your whole day walking around in awe, taking pictures (which trust me, you could) here are some things you could actually do in Chefchaouen…

The “Place Outa El Hammam”

Before properly getting stuck into all things blue, it’s worth checking out this famous square in Chefchaouen (Located just before all the blue stuff).  It’s filled with restaurants and little cafes, giving you some places to gather sustenance before your trek up the million staircases in the medina.  Though we didn’t grab food here because it was very soon after breakfast, we went to a lovely little cafe and ordered a Panaché smoothie.  This was a drink consisting of what my friend described to be “5 thousand fruits”… She wasn’t wrong.  I tasted carrots, banana, pineapple and orange to name a few, this drink really came packed full of things.

Final Comment: I’d recommend getting food here before exploring further

Rating: 7/10

The Medina

The Medina is the old town of Chefchaouen (Most cities in Morocco have an old town), and this is the place where you find everything blue.  There are loads of little markets and people selling souvenirs, but we mainly went to walk around in stare in awe.  This place is so unbelievably beautiful, and no matter how many photos of it that you see, you’ll never be prepared for the beauty that awaits in person.  Obviously we took some photos, but honestly, we spent the majority of the time just taking it in.  I could have spent a good few days there.

Final Comments: Warning, there are a lot of stairs.

Rating: 10/10

The Waterfall

If you continue through the Medina, you will arrive at the most beautiful waterfall at the top of Chefchaouen.  You are able to hike to the top for some real serious outdoorsy adventure, but we were hot sweaty and bothered, so we did not.  However, it was still an incredibly relaxing place to just chill, regain composure, and stare at some beauty.

Final Comments: Listening to water is so soothing.

Rating: 7/10

The Auberge Dardara Inn

For our nights stay, we headed to the Auberge Dardara Inn, which was a lovely little inn around a 20 minute drive from the Medina.  I would definitely go back to this inn – the staff were really friendly, the place was absolutely adorable, and the pool was to die for.  We had lunch, dinner and breakfast here (breakfast was included in the price) and each meal was beautifully freshusing locally sourced ingredients, mostly from their own inn.  If you’re going to have one meal, I strongly recommend the goat tagine with figs and nuts, as the sweet and savoury combination still haunts me in my dreams.  The rooms are quite rustic, with lots of stone and brick (Especially in the bathroom), and WiFi is only available in the public areas and not the room, but it’s quite nice to switch off and limit your WiFi use for a bit.

Final Comments: We lived off of their large water bottles

Rating: 8/10

A Mule Ride in the Rif Mountains

If, like us, you want to see more of the beautiful landscapes but you’re too tired to hike, I strongly recommend a mule ride.  It was incredibly relaxing and soothing, and we had the staff pull the mules along for us so we didn’t have to manoeuvre them ourselves (I wouldn’t have even known where to start).  The view was beautiful and I very much felt one with nature, would definitely recommend as a relaxing evening activity.  We arranged ours with the Auberge, but I’m sure there are other ways to organise something similar.

Final Comment: I named my mule Cupcake and I didn’t want to give her back.

Rating: 9/10

And that was pretty much everything I got up to in/near Chefchaouen!  Let me know if you like these posts, because I’m currently planning on doing similar with Bouznika, Casablanca and Marrakesh (Also, any other holidays I plan to go on).  Also, if you’d like to see parts of my trip with your own eyes, check out part 1 of my Morocco travel vlog, featuring Chefchaouen, here!

Which activity stood out to you the most?

Lots of love,

Jas xx


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