Project 2017 | The Good Things

In light of my last post and the rough time I’ve had recently, I felt like I needed to do a post spreading some good cheer, especially as Christmas is my favourite time of the year!  Yes, I’ve been having a bit of an intense time recently, but I’m home now and I’m comfy and I finally have the time to look forward to the good things…

Firstly, in November I had an email saying I got nominated for the 2018 UK Blog Awards, which, if I’m being honest, I didn’t pay much attention too… I was of course incredibly grateful, but I am but a tiny fish in a massive pond so I didn’t think anything would happen.  Then, a few weeks ago I got a second email saying that I’m now a Finalist in the 2018 UK Blog Awards?! Which is absolutely crazy?!  Like honestly, I don’t know who nominated me but it means the absolute world to me, and I’m sure not much will happen from here because I get really awkward about pushing things on my social media and constantly asking people to vote for me, but the fact that I’ve made it this far is amazing!  If you do want to throw a vote my way you can here, but honestly I’m still in awe of the fact that I’ve been blogging for just about a year (It will be a year in 9 days!) and someone thought I was worthy enough of such an official award!

I’m finished with my first term of second year.  It’s been a rough one in terms of work, and I honestly only just about made it through considering how much I’ve been balancing this term (Editor of Uni paper’s mental health section, blogging 3 times a week, blog events, Digital Marketing internship, and then of course the endless amount of Uni work… I also worked on getting this award within my Uni this term, so that was also quite time consuming to complete).  However, I know have a bit of time to rest and be with my family, which, if you ask me, is well deserved.  Being home for Christmas has honestly had a massive impact on my mood because honestly I’m so lucky to have an incredibly supportive and comforting family, who I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I’ve felt so much more at peace since I got here, which was needed… badly.

I have amazing friends.  Like, seriously, I currently have the best friends I’ve had in my life.  They are ridiculously supportive and we’re such a close-knit group and every so often I take a moment and think about how close I am to them and it fills me with joy inside.  We’re all at different Unis now all over the country (And one – who’s also a blogger – that’s been living in California for the last 3 months) and yet we effortlessly keep in contact.  It hasn’t been hard at all and it’s just a given that we’ll meet up whenever we’re all in the same place (and of course, occasionally visit each other at Uni).  Sometimes I can’t believe that I lucked out with the friends that I have, and I honestly appreciate them so much.  (Aside from the Californian blogger I mentioned above, two others have blogs here and here, and one has a Youtube channel here, just in case you wanted to have a snoop of some of my friendship group).

And finally, I have my motivation back, and its feels so right… The last few weeks I’ve been so burnt out and have lacked so much energy, and it’s so good to back to my spritely excited self.  I’ve been writing away like crazy and there should hopefully be a week of daily posts from now until next Thursday, as well as the 12 days of blogging after Christmas, to make up for the fact that I couldn’t do Blogmas due to all my other commitments.  Stay tuned for some (hopefully) exciting content over the rest of the Christmas period!

How are things going with all of you?  Let me know good things that are happening for you in the comments!  And if you want to vote for me in the UK blog awards, click here!

Lots of love,

Jas xx



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