My Food Mentality | Bikini Bodies…

I have now moved out of University and back at home for the next 4 months, so I can officially say that summer has started!  However, with summer comes a pressing underlying pressure to partake in crash diets and intense workout schemes in an attempt to get that highly spoken about “bikini body”.  

Trust me, I’ve been there and starved myself a month before holidays in an attempt to drastically change my body to fit some sort of ideal, but this year I’m over stressing about it.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with “getting in shape” and focusing more on fitness and healthy eating over the summer while you have some time, but there’s a difference between working out/eating well to improve your fitness, and doing it to conform to a false summer construct.  

Recently I’ve been getting into Love Island (which by the way is a great distraction from life, I recommend it) and I’ll admit, it can be daunting to see the girls with seemingly “perfect” figures strutting around in swimsuits and being admired.  However, it’s possible that even they have insecurities; bodies aren’t perfect and airbrushed and even the skinniest stomachs have rolls when they sit in awkward positions, it’s something that can’t be avoided.  We have magazines and social media and diet schemes telling us that “we still have time to achieve that killer bikini body for summer” when in reality, all you need to achieve a bikini body is a bikini… and your body… we all come in different shapes and sizes and we need to stop beating ourselves up for not looking the same as people with beautifully angled and filtered pictures.  

I am going on holiday in just over a month (I have a feeling you’re gonna hear a lot about it, I’m very excited haha) and yes, I’m eating well right now and working out, but I’m not doing it so I can look good in a bikini, I’m doing it so I can improve my fitness while I have the time.  There will be no crash diets, and there will be no over-exercising, it will just be me, taking care of myself.  

I have flab: I have stretch marks on my thighs, my stomach’s not perfectly flat and my boobs are never gonna give me amazing bikini cleavage, but I refuse to let that stop me rocking cute swimwear on holiday this year.  

Hope you enjoyed this! Posts should be more regular now that I’m back at home, tell me what you think in the comments, and also suggest cute places to buy (affordable) bikinis… I need a new one for July

Lots of love,

Jas xx



27 thoughts on “My Food Mentality | Bikini Bodies…

  1. Natasha says:

    First of all, yay for finishing uni and being back at home now for the summer, I always loved the final couple of months before the holidays started! Secondly, I love your attitude to this in your post. I think it’s important to embrace ourselves and not let our enjoyment be stopped by worries about how we look, and I also thinks it’s important to look after ourselves and be as healthy as we can be too, and it sounds like you’ve got the perfect balance Jasmine. You must be excited for your holiday too! – Tasha

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  2. toothfairytalksblog says:

    Love this! It is so hard to see these girls in a bikini and compare yourself, but you’re so so right.

    H&M seem to have some amazing swimwear in at the moment! xxx

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  3. GirlMasked says:

    Brilliant post! Congrats on finishing uni for the Summer! Love the message of this post. It’s definitely important to look after ourselves and not get too caught up in becoming what the media shows we should be. Hope you have a lovely Summer and holiday! 😊

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  4. thebeasley says:

    Totally agree. I’m so tired of trying to achieve the so-called perfect body. I’m now resigned to all my flaws whilst equally appreciating my assets. I’ve got a VERY wobbly stomach, flat arse, muffin tops & back fat, BUT I’ve got great boobs and slim limbs. So, it’s not all bad. I need to focus less on the flaws. Anyway, my point is- you’re right we all come in different shapes & sizes and we should all just embrace & enjoy that. Oh and I bought some great bikinis from New Look and Oasis last year. Haven’t seen their ranges this year though, but might be worth a look.

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  5. Gary says:

    Welcome back Jas; really hope the exams went OK and, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you feel they went?

    Good luck with the diet regimen and must agree; no quick fix. Proper diet and exercise and will make better long term control way easier. Can’t help you with where to buy bikinis though as that would be quite odd and weird coming from me !!!

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  6. lisaorchard1 says:

    Good for you, Jasmine! I think society has done a disservice to women by photo-shopping pictures of celebrities and models. Women need to stop” listening” to all the marketing in magazines and on the web, telling us we’ll be perfect if we buy this product or wear these clothes….but if we did that, how would these companies make their millions?

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  7. Kelly McKenny says:

    Congratulations on getting all finished up for the summer!
    This is a great attitude to have ! Fit and healthy is great, but I don’t think obsessing over how you look to the point of making yourself miserable is very healthy! Enjoy your summer in your bikini! x

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