My Thoughts on Daily Blogging…

So we have come to my week of daily blogging and… well, this was way more stress than I thought it would be.  Therefore, I figured for my final post to end my week of daily blogging, I would sum up the experience I’ve had this week, so here we go…

Why I chose to daily blog in the middle of exam season I will never know… maybe it was procrastination, maybe it was insanity, but either way I’m simultaneously proud of myself for managing to follow through with it, and questioning why I did it in the first place.

Back when I first launched this blog in December, I got it going with the 12 days of blogging, and yes, I am aware I did 12 days of daily blogging but back then it was very different.  I’d just started this and I didn’t plan my content as much or make as much effort with the planning, the pictures, the editing and the tags: all the stuff that drains my soul every time I upload something new…  This week of daily blogging has been so much effort to put together and although It’s given me back the spark I’ve been missing for a while, it was incredibly time consuming… Blogging can be hard sometimes.

This week also made me realise that I really don’t have a “niche”.  I see bloggers on Twitter and WordPress and Bloglovin’ that are able to typecast themselves as “beauty bloggers” or “food bloggers”, and blogging everyday this week has made me realise that my blog content is really all over the place.  I’ve gone from reviews, to collabs, to food diaries to rants… My content is whatever is in my mind, and guess what?  My mind doesn’t focus on one thing… I’m difficult like that.  Does that make me any less of a blogger?  Nope… My blog is whatever I want it to be, and I kind of like the variety, hope you guys too.

Finally, to all those daily bloggers out there… How do you do it?!  Although it may seem like I just get on a laptop and type, believe it or not but (most of the time) a lot of effort goes into producing a blog post… so how do people manage to produce a post everyday?!  I can usually barely manage posting three times a week and this week of posting everyday nearly killed me so I applaud you guys, seriously.

Hope you enjoyed this week of daily blogging, and if you didn’t even realise I was doing it, you can check out any of the posts here… I did:

Is there anything in particular you’d like me to cover in the future, or any part of this that you related to?  Leave a comment below, and starting next week I should (hopefully) be back to posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Lots of love,

Jas xx



10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Daily Blogging…

  1. GirlMasked says:

    Having different types of posts definitely doesn’t make you any less of a blogger, in fact personally I much prefer the variety as it makes a blog more interesting to read!
    Huge well done for doing daily blogging, sounds like a challenge but you definitely did it!! 🙂

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  2. Natasha says:

    I think it’s great that your blog is varied Jasmine, it’s nice to have something different to look forward to each time I come back here, so with or without a niche, I love your content and I’ve really enjoyed all of the topics you covered this past week. I’ve not tried daily blogging before, but maybe I should try it, just to see if I can do it, instead of planning out things as sometimes I think I get caught up on planning, instead of just going with the flow, so that’s something I think I should try. Really enjoyed your week of daily blogging! – Tasha

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