Project 2017 | February Update

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February has definitely been a busy one for me… And, well… to say my emotions have been all over the place would be an understatement.  I go through stages of feeling really insecure, especially regarding my body and my face and at the moment I’m pretty deep into one of those stages.  However, I vowed that by doing this Project 2017 thing, I would make more of an effort to be positive, so I’ve been keeping myself busy and around people that I know and love…

This month at Uni I grew a lot closer to my friends…  I’ve known these girls since the beginning of Uni, and we’ve been relatively close this whole time, but I feel like this month we took it to a whole new level.  We’ve been out for cute dinners, and spent basically all our free time together (even if it’s just sitting around on our phones as a group).  We’ve essentially become our own little family which is adorable.  I cannot stress the importance of a sturdy support system wherever you are in life, and these girls have become my support system at Uni.  They’re the kind of girls that will come sit by me and distract me while I’m in the middle of a teary breakdown (and I know that for certain… It may have happened once…) and they make it a lot easier to stay happy.

Of course, February meant Valentines Day… And being in a long distance relationship I didn’t think I was gonna be doing anything at all.  Being alone on Valentines Day has never been an issue for me, I’ve never properly celebrated it before, and although I love the idea of having a day celebrating love, ultimately it’s just another day.  However, there was a change of plans and my boyfriend actually came to stay for a few days!  Seeing him really did make me happy, because he tends to remind me of home (we live in the same city) and I need that reminder every once in a while.

Speaking of home, I paid a visit to my friends (from home)’s Uni for a weekend… And it was so great seeing everybody!  I don’t get homesick very often – I enjoy where I am in the moment, but I love little reminders of where I come friend and I’m a sucker for nostalgia.  A bunch of my friendship group (again from home) all came to visit on that same weekend so I managed to see like 7 out of 10 of my friends.  It’s reassuring to know that some friendships can feel exactly the same no matter how much time you spend apart. 

I got my exam results back… and they were surprisingly good! I don’t generally talk about problems I’m having unless they’ve already been resolved, so that I can do the whole “this happened, but it’s all good now” thing, but I honestly thought that I was going to fail/scrape a pass this semester.  However, I came out of my 2 exams with a first in one, and a 2:1 in the other!  I was honestly so surprised because I have the tendency to believe that anything that I do will be terrible, and it was the confidence boost that I needed to convince myself that I can actually do this, which I definitely needed this month.  Sometimes I think I forget how good positive reinforcement really is.  Getting good grades made me want to work harder in a time where I had kind of lost my motivation regarding school work, but now it’s back, so bring on term 2! (yes, I am aware that I’m 5 weeks into term 2 already…)

February happened to be the month where I reached 100 subscribers on here!  I wrote in my last 20 before 20 update that I reached my goal of 70 subscribers at the end of January, but I was not expecting to reach 100 subscribers for a very very very long time and it made me beyond happy!  I have officially been blogging for 2 months now (my 2 monthiversary was on Thursday) and to have come this far so quickly is absolutely incredible and it means so much to me.  Thank you to everyone who bothers to read the stuff that comes out of my mind, none of this could have happened without you, and it just makes me feel like what I have to say is worth it, which is a great confidence booster.

So that’s a little insight into my February, honestly so much happened but I didn’t want to bore you with a ridiculous amount of paragraphs so I thought I’d pick my highlights.

How’s your February been?  Comment your best bits below,

Lots of love,

Jas xx



22 thoughts on “Project 2017 | February Update

  1. lilhiddentreasures says:

    I love your self-reflection for the month. I think everyone should take some time and reflect just as you have done. I love your positive spirit! I’m so glad that you did well on your exams! I becomes such a relief when you know that you did well. Congratulations on reaching 100 subscribers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joannefung says:

    This post is so meaningful in celebrating all the good that has happened in the past month for you. It’s so important to reflect on the positive parts of our lives, because ultimately, I believe they are what make us who we are. This must have been a lovely blog post to write about! Congratulations on reaching so many subscribers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thoughtsfromjasmine says:

      Thank you! After spending quite a lot of last year focusing on the negatives, I figured I would start a blog series for 2017 drawing attention to the things that are going well in my life, so will have one of these each month! Thank you, honestly I was not expecting to reach 100 subscribers so soon!
      Jas xx


  3. Natasha says:

    First of all, well done on getting good exam results back, I hope that boosted your spirits a little, and it’s lovely to hear you’ve got some good uni friends to help anchor you too – I got on really well with my housemates and having good friends makes all the difference at uni, especially when things are tough. And congratulations on 100 subscribers too! I definitely resonated with the first paragraph too, I think everyone gets days and weeks where they’re feeling insecure or not their best, so don’t feel alone on this, and I’m sending lots of hugs your way – I hope you’re feeling a little brighter soon. 🙂 – Tasha

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