20 Before 20 | 70 Subscribers! (& Some Gushy Insight into My Life)…

Okay, so this is my second (or third if you count the initial post?) instalment of my 20 before 20 series, where I attempt to cross of items on my list of 20 things I want to do before I turn 2o (you can see the list here).  

This one is gonna be particularly gushy because I’m really excited and I’m writing this just after getting my 70th subscriber!  This is insanely exciting and amazing and I had no idea that this would happen so soon and ahhhh I’m really happy that you guys like my posts and you feel like I’m worth reading on a regular basis, it honestly means to much to me.  My goal was to get 70 subscribers by September and I thought that I was being overambitious with that, so to have 70 of you subscribing exactly a month and a week after I started my blog is insane!  I love you guys so much and I thank every single one of you for subscribing and reading my thoughts on a regular basis.

I’ve never been much of a sharer in person.  At school I was relatively shy and I kept to myself and unless we were particularly close you never really learnt that much about me or my opinions.  I was never one of those people that spoke up about political issues or just issues in general… I had opinions – trust me, I had very very strong opinions on a lot of things, but I’ve always found it hard and slightly intimidating to voice my opinions in person.

This blog was basically started because I have so much to say and nowhere to say it and feel like I’m misunderstood by a lot of people in person and pegged as “shy” or “boring and quiet” and honestly it makes sense, because that’s probably what I give off, but this blog was a way of proving that I’m much more than that.  Therefore, it fills my little heart with joy that in a month (and a week) of me writing this, 70 of you have decided I’m worth sticking around for!

I’m really excited for the future and where this blog goes and this has inspired me to make so many more posts (and maybe one day start a Youtube channel…? Maybe…?) and if you haven’t subscribed I promise that I have good content coming so give that follow button a little love.  (If you don’t have WordPress you can follow me via email, there’s a little button on the sidebar if you’re on a computer or on my “about me” page if you’re on your phone and you scroll down.)

Basically, this was a whole load of sappiness but yeah I love you guys.  A lot.  I hope you guys keep reading, I’ll be back fairly soon… I’m trying to post 3 times a week and so far it’s been working!

3 down, 17 to go…

Lots of love,

Jas xx



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