How I (try to) Stay Organised at University…

The three posts you’re getting this week were all scheduled in advance (Look at me being all organised already ;)) because by the time you read this I will be in the middle of my first proper week back at University and I need a week to figure out how I’m gonna balance my Uni work and blogging.  Yes, I did go back to Uni in January but I had exam weeks and then a reading week so I’m only properly starting now.

University can be stress – there are always a million things going on and, as I’ve mentioned in my 20 before 20 and my food mentality posts (probably in a lot of others as well… I’m a bit of a broken record), I am trying to make a bigger effort with Uni work this term as well as eating healthily and making more of an effort with exercising and socialising and blogging and music and it just feels like there’s never any time.  So I thought I’d so a post on ways I’ve developed to (attempt to) stay organised at University…

(1) I schedule my deadlines

One great (and also terrifying) thing about University is that you have a lot of independence – so unlike school deadlines aren’t shoved down your throat by teachers.  Yeah, you may get the occasional reminder but honestly it’s so easy for them to go unnoticed and then pop up out of nowhere.  To remind myself of them, and give myself the kick that I need I have a massive academic year planner on my wall (the giant calendars with the whole year on them) and I write down all my deadlines in massive felt tip so that I can see them whenever I sit at my desk.  This reminds me to get started when time starts getting closer to the deadline marked days.

(2) I plan my weekly meals on a Sunday

This sounds really long and complicated but honestly it makes my week so much easier and once you start doing it, it only takes like 10/15 minutes!  I personally find eating healthily a lot harder to do at University; you’re paying for your own food and you have to prepare it yourself, and ready made things are often quicker and cheaper.  So, recently I’ve taken to having a list of different healthy meal ideas and what I’d need to buy to make them on my computer (one list for lunches and one meal for breakfasts). Every Sunday I sit down and I choose the lunches and the dinners I’m gonna have from that list.  I then break down the ingredients to make a shopping list and try and use the Tesco website (my closest supermarket) to figure out roughly how much it’s gonna cost me.  I’ll then go out on a Monday and buy it all.

(3) I have a bullet journal*

Okay this is a very new one and I only got this like a week ago, but it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made so far this year!  (Yes, I’m aware it’s only January…) If you’re one of those people (like me) who have a million thoughts and goals and things you want to do whizzing round your head at any given moment they are perfect for tidying these up a little.   I’m a bit of a stationary geek (okay more than a bit let’s be real) so I’ve had the funnest time customising my journal for myself – it’s not only helped me sort out what I want to do, but it’s clearly shown me what Uni reading I need to do each week and what blog posts I’m gonna make and ahhh I love it I strongly recommend them.

*Probably gonna do a post on my bullet journal some time in the near future… Stay tuned

(4) I plan my outfits the night before

I tried to do this for sixth-form because I had a dress code and failed miserably… However in sixth-form I had parents around who harassed me when I was running late and so I rushed to pick outfits and that worked for me.  That doesn’t work for me at Uni because no ones giving me that push to get to class on time.  Spending like 5 minutes before bed taking clothes out of my wardrobe and piling them onto my desk chair to wear in the morning cuts a lot more time out of my morning routine than you’d think.

(5) Folders!

I have a ring-binder per module (they’re colour-coded because to be honest everything in my life is colour-coded it’s who I am) and I rip out the pages of my Pukka Pad and sort all my notes into these binders after lectures and seminars.  At the time, it doesn’t really matter but honestly having my notes sorted into these folders (I also have dividers separating the weeks and texts because I’m extra) makes coursework and exam revision so much easier.  You can just pick up the folder and have all the information you need in one place.

(6) I multitask to make things less boring

I usually do the boring tasks like planning my meals or filing while watching Youtube videos or Netflix (Fresh Prince just got added to Netflix and Riverdale and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are weekly things and I’m having the best time honestly).  This way the tasks don’t seem as bad and they go past way quicker and I can catch up on shows so I’m effectively killing 2 birds with one stone…

So, that’s all I have for this post; they may be helpful tips or they may not be helpful at all, but they are the 5 things that I’ve found have worked best for me.  Of course, everyone is different and everyone has different things that work for them, but maybe trying these will help you find your own preferences.  

Hope you guys are all having fun! Whether you go to University or not, leave me a little comment with what helps you keep organised – I’m nosy…

Lots of love,

Jas xx



11 thoughts on “How I (try to) Stay Organised at University…

  1. emmamereta says:

    Ah I wish I was as organised when I was at uni 😂! I’d love to do it all again and be THIS organised! Great post. And you’re right, getting clothes sorted before bed makes a huge difference in the mornings!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Danielle Eskdale says:

    Wow! You sound like you have it down!! haha I’m pretty glad I didn’t do Uni because, although I am quite an organized person, it still just sounds far too stressful for me 😛
    Best of luck getting back into the swing of things! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LKD says:

    Wish I was this organised when I was at Uni. And I need I bullet journal for my life, ha. Wishing you every success! Keep going like this and you’ll be aces.


    Liked by 1 person

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