12 Days of Blogging – Day 10: Stories

So I’ve been blogging daily for 10 days in a row now… For me that’s pretty impressive and it’s actually gotten me into the spirit of writing.  It’s been a long time since I’ve regularly processed my thoughts in written form like this and I have to say it’s been pretty therapeutic.  It’s got me thinking that maybe I should start writing a diary and documenting my life.

When you really think about it, we all have this amazing story from birth to the present.  Even if we see our lives as “boring” or “mundane” we have a series of anecdotes and events and funny moments that have shaped us into who we are at this moment in time.  I mean, we read books about fictional lives – from crazy adventures to romantic endeavours and we oooh and ahhh and wish we had something that cool… but we do.  If you could read a book of your life so far I’m sure it would be packed full of twists and turns and a multitude of emotions, and that’s pretty cool.

The other day I was watching a TV show and one of the characters said:

“If, when I die, my life flashes before my eyes, I better give myself one hell of a show.”

and it really stuck with me.  A lot of the time when we look at books and TV shows and movies we wish that our lives were as eventful as the protagonists, but honestly sometimes we take our past experiences for granted.  We all have this amazingly unique series of events behind us and (hopefully) many many more to come.  To an extent, we have a little bit of control over how our story goes, and one day we’ll be looking back on it reminiscing over what a story it was.  It’s funny how life works out.

Think about your story so far,

Lots of love,

Jas xx

Ps. Ive had quite a few questions about how to follow if you’re not a blogger, so I just synced my blog with the app Bloglovin’! Download the app and you can follow me and like and comment without making a blogging account, you can just sync it to your Facebook 🙂



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